Seek out friends

The more you grow the smaller your peer group becomes.

One, because of jealousy.

Two, because it becomes harder to relate with the majority of people.

We start becoming strongly opinionated. Somehow entitled to hold to our beliefs.

Worse, sometimes we don’t feel we care much about others. We are ok with the friends we have.

I am thinking about my close group of friends in the MBA.

We created something unique together. And I have rarely felt so included and loved by a group of people.


Did we become friends because we stumbled upon each other? Doing the same thing at the same time?

Or is there something similar about us, something deep, in our personalities and in our characters that brought us together and makes it possible to relate one to each other in such a superior way?

The answer is yes.

Yes we stumbled on each other.

And yes we sought out for each other among other 400 MBAs.

At a certain point of our life we stop stumbling upon friends and we start seeking out for them.


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