Productivity vomit

Yes, some random thoughts on productivity

1. Productivity works like compound interest. To me productivity is action and action is a muscle. The more you do the more you will do.

2. Choose what to not work on. I get a lot of inspiration on what to work on from:

  • Books
  • Interesting people (blogs, videos, shit …)
  • Outdoor (nature) but also coffee bars I don’t know why

The rest you have to say noooooo!!!!!!! And you can only say no if you care about the things you say yes to.

I can’t be productive if I work on things I don’t care about. As easy as that.

But here a secret.

Some other people might like to do what you don’t like to do. That’s why diverse teams over perform. They are made of people who see life differently, have different point of views and might like to tackle different aspects of a project.

3. Great work requires great colleagues. 

Most people delegate shit tasks that they don’t want to do or they don’t understand fully, and guess what, nobody wants to take these shit unclear tasks.

Instead, the best leaders develope a sharp talent to understand what each member of their team likes, which is a proxy of what they are good at, and consistently delegate things related to those interests.

A good leader delegates tasks following two rules:

  • she knows she is not the best person to take care of this task but they understand the criteria about quality of the task
  • she knows or can guess who is the best person to take this task, she delegates to him and she leaves freedom to achieve results, under quality criteria

If you delegate smartly you will push and inspire people instead of pulling and depress them.

You dont need great colleagues, you will create great colleagues.

Being a great leader means to get the best out of people. Inspiring them to achieve what they would have never imagined they were capable of.

4. If I am doing something great I am going to work smart and hard.

How many times did you hear this bullshit:

“You don’t have to work hard, you have to work smart”.

Fuck that. If I am pushing the innovation curve, if I am creating something new and unique, I have to work hard AND smart.

That’s how to thibk when organizing the to do. And I prefer paper.

Usually I organize a view of the week on Sunday. Then every night I use a 3x5cm paper sheet to write the 6 things I want to complete the following day.

I re-prioritize during the day but not much

5. My golden priorities

Priorities are everything.

To me, despite any project I am working on, or any yearly goal – my golden priorities are unchanged:

  1. Sleep
  2. Eat well
  3. Exercise
  4. Spend time with people I love
  5. ….all the rest



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